A goodbye to Formula V8 from Barone Rampante Team GoodBye to one of the most formative championship of world of cars

Season 2017 saw the participation of Barone Rampante Team to the World Series, the championship where the single-seat Dallara took part to the competition with the powerful V8 GIBSON and its 550 CV.
This was our second year in the championship and we had registered a great growing, both in the performances and in experience on the car. The performances of the 2017-drivers, Mr. Cipriani and at the beginning Mr. Fioravanti, took often the team near the points area, by gaining also a podium with Damiano Fioravanti in the first appointment of the season.
Our Team has believed so much in the championship, so much so that it equipped the new with 3 cars for the 2018. Unfortunately the stop of the championship, which will no longer take place in 2018, freezed all the plans for the coming sport season, for which the team was providing all the necessary and also by creating new projects with some new emerging drivers during the summer. The year 2018 will see our team as new protagonist in alternative championships, but the real hope to come back on the circuits in 2019 with a new official and organized championship.
Infact, we are convinced that it is a pity, that we can’t take part to the championship with a large number of single-seater cars produced and updated in the last few years go on track; Formula V8 was a highly competitive and formative championship, as many drivers, now protagonists in Formula 1, raced and won in this championship. The producer of the single-seat is a leader in his field, as well the one who produce and prepare the engines. We have all the right cards to let race Dallara motorized Gibson and to organize a new Championship, as we have nothing to envy to the other propaedeutic categories.
So we wish a great 2018 to all the sponsors, to all the sportsmen and fans of the four-wheels and we take the opportunity to inform teams and drivers that our team still believes a lot in this category and we are sure that also numerous teams that participated in the World Series last seasons have the same thought!

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