Barone Rampante Team close to points in Nurburging

The sixth appointment of the season of Formula V8 World Series was held last weekend. The hard German racing of Nurburging was the scene of a weekend with alternate phases for the Team, with a good rank closed close to the tenth position. Race n.1 was closed with a twelfth position, while the second one ended early because of the about-turn.
During the qualifying tests there weren’t big glitches, with Giuseppe Cipriani always with his constant growth. He ended close to the top 10.
As always, Giuseppe Cipriani shows his skills during the race, after his excellent start in race n.1. Thanks to his constant step and his performance, he reached the absolute twelfth position. He recorded good cronos also at the end of the race thanks to his management of tyres.

In race n. 2, after a good start, an about-turn during the first lap stopped the race of Giuseppe Cipriani: after the bagarre at the start, his car skidded and was blocked on the on the curb without any chance to restart.
The race of the driver ended there, with the Safety Car which entered on the track to stop the race and let operators to move the single-seat n.15.

It’s Ferdinando Ravotto who told us the German weekend of Barone Rampante Team: “The about-turn of race n.2 was a pity, because after we saw the lap times of Giuseppe in race n. 2, we were sure about a good performance in race n. 2 in order to take home new points. I have to say that in this year Giuseppe is showing his skills also in the management of tyres that let him to remain constant during the race, while his opponents seems that consume more their tyres close to the end of the race and they have difficulties in their last laps.It’s what we note at the end of the race by comparing the times of the last laps.
We are pleased for this, because we see the big improvements in comparison with last season. We are satisfied about that.
Now we wait for the next non-EU appointments with confidence.

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