Texas: 8th place disappear just a few kilometers from the finish. Texas: points disappear just a few kilometers from the finish.

During the appointment in the American land on the circuit of Austin, Barone Rampante Team was another time protagonist, but this time unlucky, of the 2 American races. Above all in the last race, because of a problem in the last lap, Giuseppe Cipriani had to leave position n. 8 and park his car on the trackside.
Such a true pity for the Venetian driver, as the weekend was very positive with performances always constantly growing and he was so good in qualifying times that he reached the TOP TEN at the starting grid.
But also the hot weather was the protagonist of the weekend, as activities on the Texan circuit were hard, both at the pit stop and on the single seat.
Cipriani did excellent starts in both races by keeping a good step both in the time lap and with the positions in the rank. During race n. 1, about at the half of the race, an about-turn ended the race of the black and gold single-seated when Cipriani was close to points area.
In race n.2, a problem to the gasoline suction unit blocked the great performance of Giuseppe, who was stopped on the track in the last session while he was in position n. 8.
Here the words of the Team Manager Modesto Benegiamo after the return in Italy:
“Unfortunately we have taken home less than what we expected, but at least we have gained 2 points in race n.2. The advantage of Giuseppe on the trackers allowed him to get position n.9. We are sure about the good work we have done this weekend in Austin, where we have found the weather very hot, and we have learnt to know the track during the weekend.
I have to say that the Texan circuit is really good and hard. We have organized the weekend in order to improve the car and the performance of Giuseppe step by step. As always, Cipriani did his best and he preserved in a good way the tyres, as he showed during the second half of race n.2 with his excellent times.
Unfortunately a problem at the end of the race thwarted all our efforts, but this doesn’t delete the value of the performances that we’re having in this season that let us to gain the sixth position in the general rank in Mexico.
Now we’re waiting for the last appointment of the season in Barhein, which will take place in the half of November.

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