An eighth and a tenth place for the Baron Rampante in the home race

hird appointment of the season, probably the most important one, for Barone Rampante Team: the home race in Monza. Last weekend the two Italian Formula V8 races took place on the circuit of Monza and Barone Rampante Team was the real protagonist, by finishing both the races in the top ten.
It was a positive weekend for the Venetian team where Giuseppe Cipriani achieved a good twelfth time in the qualifying sessions, by improving impressively between the first and the second turn of the qualifying sessions, when he had improved his crono of nearly six tenths of a second.
The driver from Venice began from the sixth row in the first race, the one in which he started very well, by regaining six positions and passing through the first variant in position n.6.
The battle, first with Mason then with Menchaca and Tereschenko, was very hard, but Cipriani was always very fast and steady. Unfortunately, a penalty given by the race management, which decided to penalize the single-seat number 15 for a “rash” maneuver at the start, relegated Giuseppe in position n. 10, behind to Pietro Fittipaldi, nephew of the former World Champion of Formula One and one of the favorites in fight for the championship’s title.
Second race and another great start of Cipriani who was in position n. 7 at the first pass. By the way, the race was characterized by the entry of the Safety Car, which stopped the race during the first laps. At the restart, Giuseppe maintained place n. 8, by keeping his position until the end and allowing the team to take home other important points for the championship.

The words of Modesto Benegiamo who tell us about the weekend at the end of the day: “The appointment on the circuit of Monza was very important for us: we had here all the sponsors and friends who came here to visit and support us during the weekend, and our main goal was to do a good job. Apart from the points that we have obtained during both races, the most satisfying thing was the perfect pace of Giuseppe, especially in the first race. Giuseppe was really very fast and steady, and those ones, who fought with him, had tremendous difficulties to take his wake. The penalty in race n.1 was a true pity, because it doesn’t allow us to be in front of Fittipaldi and finish the race in position n. 9. The race management decided to give a penalty to Giuseppe for the maneuver in the first variant. What a pity. Now we are ready for the next race in Jerez at the end of May.

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